13 May 2015

Strangetown 02.01, take two: more eyebrows

Mary Beaker has turned into a child, and baby Azophi into a green, Loki-brow toddler. With about 400 nice points. His is going to be a tough life. Oh, and Circe was demoted.

So what do we need to spice things up?


I had almost forgotten she was pregnant. Also, Circe as a caring, loving GP? Lulz.

Loki makes good use of his manternity leave.

Potty-training face!
Don't be fooled by his apparent lack of enthusiasm, he got a ton of aspiration points out of this.

Meanwhile Mary learns how to win friends...

... and influence people.
She's inherited Circe and Vidcund's evil streak. And she's a neat-freak, too. Gaaaah.

Talking about Vidcund... He waited until Loki, exhausted from looking after Azophi all day, went to bed, to ring the bell.

Right, that's... wow. She doesn't do that with Loki. Anyway... Once she was done saying "hello", The Powers That Be decided now would be a good time to introduce Vidcund to his daughter.

Conversation was stilted.
(I rolled my eyes, hard. Yes she's doing well at school, Vidcund. She's your and Circe's daughter. She's a freaking GENIUS. I know the girl: you're boring her. She wants to talk about that new constellation she discovered.
Also, check-mate, dude.)

Anyway. They hadn't become friends by the time he left, but they aren't actively trying to kill each other, either.

Fer crying out loud... If it's not the bathroom, it's by the trash can.

It's a girl, Zhora!!!

Loki's long hours are getting to him. Unlike Circe, he's coping with the demotion by totally ignoring it!

*Someone* hasn't been demoted, though.

In a former life, Loki used to be a cuddle monster.

Azophi learns to sing just in time to join in the "Happy Birthday" chorus.

Eyebrows!!! He's actually really cute, especially post-makeover.

Awww they can be sweet, despite the odds :-)

"So my next experiment involves..."
Nope. Noppity nope. Go get changed, Circe. You're scaring me.

Azophi and Mary get along like pigs in a pen. I'm pretty sure anyone daring to hurt Azophi would be in *biiiiig* trouble with his older, much meaner sister.
And I keep forgetting she's *not* his sister.

Azophi wanted to talk to someone from his family. Eh.
He talks to Mary all day, but she's not family :-(

Oh oops already?!??

You can't see very well, but... EYEBROWS!!!! And also Loki's nose.
Oh my. She definitely can't deny her origins.

Loki got promoted back to his old job, and brought a friend back home - my dear Phil Jitmakusol, the One True Love of Surprise Surprise, my founder.
Circe likes him. He's super-shy and nice, so he's fun to annoy.

Let's finish this post with Loki and Zhora's happy face:

Like father, like daughter!

Next: the Surprise! We have to make sure that poor Phil has survived Circe's bullying.

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