24 September 2018

Current WIPs

I've been a busy bee. This is a preview of my current WIPs. Not all of them are for Timetwist: there's also stuff for InfinitiGrid and my new store layout.

Row boat

17 September 2018

Timetwist Kids: Bathing Suit - Striped

Timetwist Kids? That's right, we've got a sister store! Or a little brother's store, actually. Our first item is the boy's version of our Victorian bathing suit:

Boys' Victorian bathing suit

06 September 2018

WIP: Bathing Suit Slink preview

ETA: And... it's live! Updates sent 😊

Oh yes! YESYESYES! Update incoming, guys! After some nail-biting fights with the UV mapping and, as always, the dreaded crotch, the Slink version of the Male bathing suit is almost ready.

What's left for me and Abyssin to do:
- create the LODs 'cause I'm obsessed with details
- changes the scripts in the hud 'cause I'm obsessed with details, and the Slink version uses slightly different textures and UV map from the Classic version... and the hud happily ignores this. Aby will tell it how to behave, you just watch!

Bathing Suit - Slink version (preview)