25 April 2015

Fiesta Tech interlude: back at the Smiths!

There's one kid left in the Smiths household, and I need to move him out to Uni quick if I want his parents to turn platinum before they turn into ghosts! So let's go back to Strangetown for a couple of days.

 Jenny isn't a very happy elder. I sent her to the community lot to shop for jewellery, to cheer her up a bit. She meets Vidcund, who's clearly just as happy as she is.

12 April 2015

La Fiesta Tech 01.02: Buck and Jill join the gang!

It's time to tamper Ophelia's shenanigans by adding two sane students to the mix: Buck Grunt and Jill Smith. Well, not so sure about Jill, sanity-wise. At least her idea of fun is more innocent that Ophelia's.

09 April 2015

La Fiesta Tech 01.01: Smiths and Grunts in the same dorm, oh my!

Finally, it's time for college for the oldest Strangetown teens!

I got the teens into Uni gradually - first the oldest (Tank, Johnny, Ophelia and Ripp), then Buck and Jill, and finally Ocean Smith. While this made some kind of sense, story-wise, it turned Uni into the longest I've ever played. Meaning: I certainly won't do that again!!! Uni's long enough as it is.

It also means that some parts of Uni take place roughly at the same time as events unfold in Strangetown. Confusing. (But you should be used to that by now, right?)

It also, also means that we're back to square one, picture-wise. I.e. thumbnail-sized, wall-less, ceiling-less, plumbbob-heavy pics. It won't look pretty! Except for Johnny Smith's buttocks.

04 April 2015

Strangetown 01.12: Popular!Buck

One last Grunt post before we meet our teens at Uni. That should have probably been posted before the last Smith's update, as Jill is still a teen here. Ah well.

Tank is here, looking all serious. Ripp is here, looking all silly. And Buck, looking all sweet, is holding his little sister. Must be birthday time!

03 April 2015

Strangetown 01.11: Pure love.

This post will be about Ripp Grunt.
Because Ripp needs some TLC. His plumbbob is so red he could apply for a job as a fire-fighter truck.

02 April 2015

Screenshot grabbers

So after almost 10 days without my computer, I wanted to play the Singles (OK, I admit, I wanted to see more of my twisted OTP : Yann!Chloe). Unfortunately Raptr, the screenshot grabber, forced an update on me... and the new version is definitely not compatible with Sims 2. In fact, Sims 2 won't even start if Raptr is running.

After much complaining, I installed Bandicam. Seems to work flawlessly, and is actually a lot less intrusive than Raptr (with all its social stuff I don't care about).

Chloe approves