30 August 2018

Victorian Microscope

We're very happy to release today an item that Abyssin and I have been working on for a little while. It's a microscope -- an old one:

Victorian Microscope

I really like bugs, and occasionally, I get to see them under the microscopes -- and sometimes I even get to see vintage slides, and that feels quite special!

27 August 2018

WIP: more sizes for the Bathing Suit

I'm busy adapting my Victorian Bathing Suit to three mesh bodies:
- Tweenster (pictured -- I've since fixed the poke-through that you can see in the belly area)
- Loki's avatars
- and Slink Physique!

Tweenster and Loki's meshes will be sold separately, in the new (a.k.a so new it's not there yet) Timetwist Kids range.

Slink Physique will be a free update to the current Male Standard Sizes Bathing Suit.

I think it should all be ready in a couple of weeks. 😁

20 August 2018

Men's Bathing Suit: Striped

And... with a bit of yarn and a few buttons, the Timetwist/A2NZ crew is back in the clothing business! Not a minute too soon, either. You have no idea how much we were missing that.

Say hello to our first rigged mesh outfit:

Men's Bathing Suit

It's Victorian, it's a bathing suit, and it's made of waterlogged yarn.

01 August 2018

WIP: clothing!

When my computer turned into an expensive toaster two years ago, I had just started experimenting with Avastar and mesh clothing. It wasn't going very well... so imagine my surprise when, two years down the line, I took to it like a duck to water!

It moves, and it fits (well, to a point; I now understand the need for multiple sizes, XD):

Default size