17 March 2016

The new me... is just like the old me

I've been enjoying a rather stable internet connection this last couple of weeks, which prompted me to give SL another try (after a number of failed attempts that were not Second Life's fault, for... gosh, at least a year if not more).

Considering I already looked a bit "vintage" last time I logged in, you can imagine I really needed to update my AV. So I went shopping for NEW things, and I made a point of avoiding my usual haunts. Mainly, that meant: no ColdLogic! No Lassitude & Ennui! No Exile! Although I did grab some demos.

I wasn't too sure what look I was going for, but my goal was to try something new. I totally failed, btw. Still, I had a list of things I wanted to avoid:
- Total fantasy gear, like elves and stuff. One of my alts is much better at that than Rain will ever be. Besides, I already have a totes awesome FateWear gown + Illusions mask + a pair of L&E ankle boots that I see no need to replace.
- Latex / kink. I have plenty of it in my inventory still. I used to make the stuff ffs. I know it's dated, but... been there, done that, will probably do again when I feel like it but not now!
- Casual, reasonable girl look... That's too easy a trap for me to fall into.

I fell into another pit-trap of mine: the tomboy. Basically, Raindrop looks like RL-me with a better haircut. Mind, I like it a lot! And I did find some really cool stores in the process. :-)

Head: LOGO Alex
Body: good ole' fashioned SL avatar for now
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley Vanilla (applier for Logo)
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*59 HAIR - DARK COLOR

Clothes and accessories:
Corvus : Grey Sweater w Shirt
L&B Mesh Jeans (Flats Ver) - XS Faded Blue BootCut
[Deadwool] Klaus shoes (fem) - rigged - (grey) - S
Izzie's - Hair Tie Bracelet red (R)

I'm satisfied with the head. I'll have to play with my shape underneath so that I can use my "normal" eyes, and once that's done, I'll be a happy bunny.

Other new stuff: the hair (I love what Dura does), the bracelet (perfect! I also got some colourful bangles for cheap, and they're awesome!), and the sweatshirt. Now, I wish the shading weren't as strong - the contrast between the back of the garment and the front is rather too stark. This wasn't noticeable on the demo, which was very dark overall. Apart from that, it's quite lovely and I can see myself wearing it often. I'm just disappointed I didn't go for one of the more punkish versions of that top. I'm such a chicken!!! :-D