27 September 2012

Linden Lab removes ability to connect to a custom grid from the official viewer (3.4)

Starting from version 3.4, Linden Lab's Second Life Viewer can no longer connect to a grid of your choice (they have removed the '-loginuri' command).

This means if you use Virtual World Starter, or even just shortcuts to log into a non-Linden Lab grid (for example, a local opensim for testing), the last official viewer that can be used is 3.3.4 (just make sure that you have auto-update turned off, and in the future, changing the channel may be required to continue to log into their grid), otherwise the only choice is to use a third party viewer.

23 September 2012


The A2NZ team is back in Second Life with a new brand: Timetwist. Our first Timetwist creation is a mesh build, lovingly made in Blender: Kubismos.

Inspired by a real build seen in Hyde Park, London, Kubismos is the faux-greek temple your garden needs.
It will shelter secret romances in its alcoves while standing proudly in your park.

Featuring original mesh and textures, Kubismos also benefits from fine-tuned Level of Details and Physic shapes. What it means to you is that it'll look good up close and personal and from afar too, while still keeping a reasonable land impact.

We hope you'll enjoy this Timetwist product!

Raindrop and Abyssin - A2NZ Timetwist