30 April 2016

Keyed-Up Bracelet

Are you an automaton who constantly needs tweaking? Or worse, do you own an automaton who keeps going haywire, destroying everything on its path?

Either way, you've certainly found yourself in a situation where you had to fix things *now*, and couldn't waste time remembering where you'd put your key last night.

Our solution? A durable leather bracelet with standard-fit automaton key included. Genius? Yes, we like to think so.

22 April 2016

Mr Hataway

Mr Hataway sports a mighty moustache. That, in itself, would be enough to justify his presence in your home. But that's not all. Mr Hataway also has a very important role in your daily life: he will wear your hat for you!

That's right! These awkwards moments of looking for the perfect spot to put your hat (on those occasions where you definitely don't want it on your head) are a thing of the past. Just put it on Mr Hataway. He'll be glad for that, for he hates being bare-headed. And with his fearsome looks, no one will *dare* steal your hat. Nope siree.

Mr Hataway is also known for his poor eyesight, so he'd be very happy for you to lend him a monocle, too.

Technical bits: first, let me mention that the hat isn't included. It's a Bring-Your-Own deal! Mr Hataway is copy-mod, so feel free to resize if you own a giant hat.

Finally, Mr Hataway uses advanced lighting materials, but the diffuse is baked in such a way that it looks good with basic shaders as well.

- Original mesh + advanced materials
- Land Impact: 2
- Amazing moustache!
- Hat not included

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16 April 2016

GentleMad Top Hat

Well, can I say? I like hats, and although the Bowler hat is perfect for everyday use, sometimes you need to make a statement! So here's our second hat: the GentleMad Top Hat. :-)

11 April 2016

Essential Bowler Hat: V2

I've given my favourite little hat a massive update :-)

That's something I've wanted to do for a while. I've completely remodelled the hat, and it also comes with new textures:
- four colours for the hat: black, blue, red, and a tint-friendly white
- and the same colours for the silk ribbon

Colours are controlled by a hud (Now that was an adventure! It works great, thanks to Abyssin, but we had quite a few laughs while developing it.).

It's still got a resizer in it, and of course it's mod-enabled. If you want to use it as a prop: nuke the scripts in it, and watch the Land Impact shrink to a very friendly "1".

Anyway, description and links below:

04 April 2016

Steampunk Goggles

OMG I'm so excited about this! I posted about the (pretty advanced) WIP a couple of days ago; my steampunk goggles are now finished, optimized as well as I could, and live on the grid! Do I like them? Well, I can't stop taking pictures of the bloody things, that's how much I like them.

I'll just copy the product description below, for the sake of appearances, but basically what I really want to say is: OMFG!!!! I MADE THIS!!!!!!!! Ahem.

01 April 2016

WIP - Goggles

WIP I'm working on. It's quite ouch so far in terms of number of tris / vertices, so I'm not convinced I'll inflict it on the grid yet. I'm hoping to get it down to manageable levels, because I'm really happy with the modelling:

I haven't tackled the texturing yet... but I've baked the main maps (ambiant, normals and so on). And, well. My UV maps are naughty. What can I say, I'm a natural!!!!

(I didn't do it on purpose, guv' ! I swear!)