24 September 2018

Current WIPs

I've been a busy bee. This is a preview of my current WIPs. Not all of them are for Timetwist: there's also stuff for InfinitiGrid and my new store layout.

Row boat

17 September 2018

Timetwist Kids: Bathing Suit - Striped

Timetwist Kids? That's right, we've got a sister store! Or a little brother's store, actually. Our first item is the boy's version of our Victorian bathing suit:

Boys' Victorian bathing suit

06 September 2018

WIP: Bathing Suit Slink preview

ETA: And... it's live! Updates sent 😊

Oh yes! YESYESYES! Update incoming, guys! After some nail-biting fights with the UV mapping and, as always, the dreaded crotch, the Slink version of the Male bathing suit is almost ready.

What's left for me and Abyssin to do:
- create the LODs 'cause I'm obsessed with details
- changes the scripts in the hud 'cause I'm obsessed with details, and the Slink version uses slightly different textures and UV map from the Classic version... and the hud happily ignores this. Aby will tell it how to behave, you just watch!

Bathing Suit - Slink version (preview)

30 August 2018

Victorian Microscope

We're very happy to release today an item that Abyssin and I have been working on for a little while. It's a microscope -- an old one:

Victorian Microscope

I really like bugs, and occasionally, I get to see them under the microscopes -- and sometimes I even get to see vintage slides, and that feels quite special!

27 August 2018

WIP: more sizes for the Bathing Suit

I'm busy adapting my Victorian Bathing Suit to three mesh bodies:
- Tweenster (pictured -- I've since fixed the poke-through that you can see in the belly area)
- Loki's avatars
- and Slink Physique!

Tweenster and Loki's meshes will be sold separately, in the new (a.k.a so new it's not there yet) Timetwist Kids range.

Slink Physique will be a free update to the current Male Standard Sizes Bathing Suit.

I think it should all be ready in a couple of weeks. 😁

20 August 2018

Men's Bathing Suit: Striped

And... with a bit of yarn and a few buttons, the Timetwist/A2NZ crew is back in the clothing business! Not a minute too soon, either. You have no idea how much we were missing that.

Say hello to our first rigged mesh outfit:

Men's Bathing Suit

It's Victorian, it's a bathing suit, and it's made of waterlogged yarn.

01 August 2018

WIP: clothing!

When my computer turned into an expensive toaster two years ago, I had just started experimenting with Avastar and mesh clothing. It wasn't going very well... so imagine my surprise when, two years down the line, I took to it like a duck to water!

It moves, and it fits (well, to a point; I now understand the need for multiple sizes, XD):

Default size

16 July 2018

A few male mesh bodies and head demos

My mAlt is looking at getting an upgrade. He's not first on the list, so he won't get anything yet (OK, he got a new haircut) -- but I've started looking for mesh bodies and heads.

I'm currently wearing Logo's Ethan head (non-bento) with the good old-fashioned SL body, which is particularly unkind on male avatars. You've seen the dude -- he's pretty much the face of Timetwist by now. Gotta earn his keep.

Anyway! Lots of pics and long text of doom incoming, so it's all behind the cut. I'm shoving it all in the same post so that I can compare everything later more easily.