01 August 2018

WIP: clothing!

When my computer turned into an expensive toaster two years ago, I had just started experimenting with Avastar and mesh clothing. It wasn't going very well... so imagine my surprise when, two years down the line, I took to it like a duck to water!

It moves, and it fits (well, to a point; I now understand the need for multiple sizes, XD):

Default size

16 July 2018

A few male mesh bodies and head demos

My mAlt is looking at getting an upgrade. He's not first on the list, so he won't get anything yet (OK, he got a new haircut) -- but I've started looking for mesh bodies and heads.

I'm currently wearing Logo's Ethan head (non-bento) with the good old-fashioned SL body, which is particularly unkind on male avatars. You've seen the dude -- he's pretty much the face of Timetwist by now. Gotta earn his keep.

Anyway! Lots of pics and long text of doom incoming, so it's all behind the cut. I'm shoving it all in the same post so that I can compare everything later more easily.

02 June 2016

Mycenaean Idols: Psi and Phi

The function of the lovely Mycenaean figurines these idols are inspired by is unknown: they may have been children's toys, votive figurines, or grave offerings...

18 May 2016

Victorian Nightwear WIP

It fits! It moves! It drinks coffee!!! (ah oops no that's me).

It's far from perfect, but I can say I'm finally getting the hang of it. The pictures above are the same mesh, fitted to the avatar (default size and large). And a bit of poke-through.

The one thing that took a while to click was how the normal bones interacted with the collision bones. You'd think weighing entirely on the collision bones would work. Nope. Sometimes you want the vertex to move with the skeleton, but you don't want it to shrink / grow as much as it would if you assign it all to the collision bone - that's where the old classic bones come to the rescue. They move, but they don't swell! Good old bones!!!

17 May 2016

Victorian Shop Counter

Incredibly happy with that one, mainly because of the way I modelled the counter: I mostly used non-destructive modelling, by using array and curve modifiers instead of polygon modelling. It's very satisfying to see how a couple of functions turn a plane into something magical!

I didn't plan ahead enough to make it easy / practical to create more shapes with that particular counter, but now that I know how to do that, I might be able to re-use that method more efficiently next time. In the meantime... item description!

02 May 2016

WIP - rigged mesh OMG

OMG. It works! I'm a happy bunny.

Avastar is an invaluable tool. I probably could've reached the same point without it - but it would be a lot more difficult.