About Timetwist

Timetwist is brought to you by the A2NZ team.

A2NZ? Who's that?
A2NZ is Abyssin Otoro and Raindrop Drinkwater's "code name". The acronym stands for "Alsace to New Zealand", which probably doesn't mean anything to anyone other than us!!!

We used to make latex clothes, club gear, and casual clothes under the A2NZ brand. That store is now closed, as A.- Raindrop isn't all that interested in latex anymore, B-She needs to get her A into G and learn how to rig mesh to make new clothes.

We've both been in SL since 2006 -- with a long time away from 2010 to 2012, as we kept moving all around the planet without a stable internet connection. Now we're both back in the UK, and if all goes well, that's where we'll stay!

What is Timetwist?
Timetwist is our take on virtual archeology and speculative experiments. We create objects, buildings... maybe one day clothes... that are inspired by a time period.

Timetwist products are original. We are proud vertex-pushers, and we're always working on improving our techniques.

Where to find us?
On the marketplace and Also on the marketplace (I know, confusing! We'll sort it out.)