30 December 2012

DAZ Studio 4.5: First render

I've installed the new version of DAZ Studio, as well as some morphs for their DAZ's new flagship figure, Genesis. This is my first render, featuring the Young Teens version of Genesis with the Andrea morph and texture. She's wearing the Frangipani top, which is intended for V4 but converts extremely well.

Eventually I'd like to create content for DAZ / Poser as well as for SL. I'm not there yet though, not by a long stretch!

22 December 2012

Timetwist: Thin Park Bench

Invite your best friend to sit with you on this bench to hold meaningful... or silly... conversations, or relax on your own, while you ponder on the meaning of life.

This old park bench, inspired by a real Victorian-era design, is a bit rusty, but still sturdy (we hope). It contains a mix of adjustable poses (single sits and conversational couple sits).

Featuring original mesh and textures, your park bench also benefits from fine-tuned Level of Details and Physic shapes. What it means to you is that it'll look good up close and personal and from afar too, while still keeping a reasonable land impact.

The animations aren't mirrored. The female avatar has to sit on the right, the male avatar on the left. It's really only suitable for m/f couples and friends at the moment.
- Mesh, Land Impact 2
- 20 animations: 6 solo female sits, 7 female couple, 7 male couple
- Powered by AV Sitter
- Optional prim shadow
We hope you'll enjoy this Timetwist product!

12 December 2012

Essential Bowler Hat

This classic bowler hat will sit just as well on your head as on a hatstand.
The hat is an unrigged mesh: you can resize it just like a standard prim or sculpt. However, don't worry if you don't feel comfortable resizing it with the Build menu: we've included a resizer script.
In fact, you'll get four versions of the hat: 
- A black bowler hat, unscripted 
- A black bowler hat, with resizer script 
- A tintable version, unscripted 
- A tintable version, with resizer script.
Please remember to make a backup copy of your hat before modifying it.
- Land Impact 1 
- Includes a tintable version
- Brushes by Obsidian Dawn: http://www.obsidiandawn.com/
We hope you'll enjoy wearing your new hat!

01 December 2012

Vintage Little Christmas Bells and Tree Topper

Is it time to decorate the Christmas tree yet? Yes, I believe it is, indeed!

These mesh ornaments have a very low land impact (1 for each bell, 3 for each tree topper), which is just right, as prim count is the last thing you want to have to worry about when decorating your tree!

The bells ring on touch, as you would expect. :-) There are 6 different bells (gold, silver, and three different ribbons), and 4 tree toppers (gold, silver, and combinations of gold and silver).

Little Christmas Bells - on the marketplace
Christmas Tree Topper - on the marketplace

There's also a little freebie in the store: the first version of the bells.