17 June 2015

Strangetown 02.08: The Singles

We haven't seen the Singles in a while. There's only two of them left at the moment: Chloe and Erin. Lola is married to Malcolm and permanently pregnant, and Kristen is making beautiful babies with General Buzz Loste. Chloe's son, Elvis, is staying with Daddy Fabulous.

The Singles live an exciting life.

14 June 2015

Strangetown 02.07: Lazlo Curious

Lazlo and his wife, Arianna the super-duper-good-witch -with-a-name-long-like-my-monthly-shopping-list moved out of the main Curious home while Arianna was pregnant because of a case of Too Many Rugrats.

12 June 2015

Strangetown 02.06b: Curious and Curiouser

This is the first time since Pascal gave birth to Tycha that there's no baby or toddler in the Curious's household. There's at least one big kid, though:

07 June 2015

My Sim personality

That would be me if I were a sim, apparently! I don't think I'm that playful, though.

06 June 2015

Strangetown 02.06: The Curious... yes they're still around!

It feels like forever since I've last blogged about the Curious, especially as so many things have happened:

  • Stezka (Vidcund's daughter) grew into a child; she's still a handful;
  • Nervous and Pascal had a son, Ariu, who's now an adorable toddler;
  • Lazlo moved out with his wife and daughter because I couldn't cope with the numbers anymore.

Oh, and Vidcund is having an affair with Circe Beaker. But you knew that.