10 May 2015

La Fiesta Tech 01.04: Graduation, finally!

So, Ocean. I cheated him out of his teenagehood. I didn't have the heart to cheat him out of his young adult years as well - so he got to play catch-up with the others, in his own, bespoke little dorm.

Jill was missing him a lot: she kept rolling wants to "call Ocean; play with Ocean; Ocean Ocean Ocean!". I'm not surprised she turned up before he even had time to claim a room.

Yay smustle!!!! Should be a piece of cake for a pure Leo like Ocean, shouldn't it?

Anyway, Ocean went through all the usual Uni experiences:
He had his first Woohoo!
He joined a Greek House!
He was flirted with by the cow! (And liked it!!!)
He went on an outing Downtown!
By the way, that super hot woman? It's Nina Fabulous, Yann's fantastic (and very unlucky) wife. She looked all right before, but with that new default replacement hair? Oooooooooh yes. Me likey.

He had two loves at once!
He studied very hard! 
Over the top again :-)
He became the best drummer at Fiesta Tech!

See, I actually made him study... a bit. He needed the skill point. For the rest, he basically sailed through Uni by blackmailing befriending his biological father, as seen in a previous post.

He eventually learned to smustle properly.

I like his second girlfriend a lot... and so does he... except she's another bloody Leo, and two Leo together might be too much for Little Asocial Me. But anyway. Makeover, because I really, really like her.

We couldn't pass the opportunity to build an evil snowman, now, could we? :-)

Ocean, one-pic summary.
That's Ocean. Do you see why I lurv him???? Do you????? Ahem. He made a bazillion friends at Uni. I'm now glad his LTW *wasn't* to make 20 best friends, because that would have been way too easy.

Once I felt happy he'd had the full college experience, I sent him to the Greek House while all the other kids were still there.

Ophelia had a great graduation party, and I *finally* found the right hair for Johnny!

Whadda... I don't even.

"Oh hi!" "Hey!" "Hello there!" "Fancy meeting you here!" 

Ripp, Tank, Ophelia and Johnny are back in Strangetown already. It's now time for Jill and Marsha to go...

And young Buck too... I don't think I'll ever stop seeing him as the dreamy child I first met...

And finally, Ocean. 

And that's all the first generation Strangetown kids out of Uni. I'm both sad and relieved. These kids were a lot of fun to play - all of them - but I can't wait to go back to my main hood.

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