06 June 2015

Strangetown 02.06: The Curious... yes they're still around!

It feels like forever since I've last blogged about the Curious, especially as so many things have happened:

  • Stezka (Vidcund's daughter) grew into a child; she's still a handful;
  • Nervous and Pascal had a son, Ariu, who's now an adorable toddler;
  • Lazlo moved out with his wife and daughter because I couldn't cope with the numbers anymore.

Oh, and Vidcund is having an affair with Circe Beaker. But you knew that.

After such a long break, you'd expect Tycha (Pascal's daughter) to have turned into an elder. But no. She's just about to turn into a teenager.

YAY! She rolled Fortune (not my fav. aspiration, but it works for her); and she's gay.

Post-makeover. She's too cute! I just added some spots because I felt like it.

You haven't really met Ariu yet. He's a quiet little boy, and he has Nervous twisted around his little finger.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that part... I'm afraid our dear Pascal got abducted again.

He manages to *not* throw up on Ariu, thank you very much.



Pascal is exhausted. Time to call super-nanny.

She does what I rarely do... plop down a starving toddler on a chair and feed them Real Food.

Yep, I should definitely do that more.

Welcome home, you big goof :-)

Stezka brings in Duanan Surprise from school. Apparently Duanan's the new Ocean Smith! They're both very active kids.

Well done, Vidcund!

"Hello sprog! I'm your big sister!"

Ariu gets most of his looks from Pascal, but I think there's a bit of Mama Nervous in him still.

It's birthday time!

He's still cute and very unique looking!

I'm going to split it there; the Curious definitely deserve two posts, after having been neglected for so long! You can blame Yann the Fabulous for that, by the way: I keep mixing up their family names when it comes to playing the next rotation.

(You can blame Yann Fabulous for most things, actually.)

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