17 June 2015

Strangetown 02.08: The Singles

We haven't seen the Singles in a while. There's only two of them left at the moment: Chloe and Erin. Lola is married to Malcolm and permanently pregnant, and Kristen is making beautiful babies with General Buzz Loste. Chloe's son, Elvis, is staying with Daddy Fabulous.

The Singles live an exciting life.

They were a bit bored, so I got Erin to invite that nice fellow she met at Kristen's wedding.

"What are your thoughts on handcuffs, Ripp?" "Why, this subject is a particular interest of mine!"
... Okay I don't have to worry about these two going along. 

See? 5 sim minutes, top. And a pair of handcuffs. That's all it took.

Please look at their smiles, not the teeny-tiny-peck-of-tits peeking out of the bed covers. Something that small shouldn't warrant a NSFW tag, should it?

I'm glad they're getting along, because I wanted to move Ripp in with the Singles anyway because of an OMG!Too!Crowded syndrome at the Grunts. 
With two romance sims and a popularity one, this should go smooooothly. Except I have a feeling Erin might be the needy type.

Anyway, Chloe could only read the newspaper for so long. She wanted to woohoo; Yann was at work, but Makoto St Julien doesn't have those pesky schedule problems!

She keeps rolling wants to see Yann, though. She's so into him she didn't even give Ripp a passing glance. Yann must be great in the sack (he's more experienced, at the very least!).

Oh, a propos de nothing... She doesn't believe in rubbers, that girl. 

Now that he doesn't live with his father looking over his shoulder, Ripp is free to invite girls over. This is DJ whatshername from La Fiesta Tech - I've never actually played her, so I don't know her that well... but Ripp likes her. That's good enough for me.

Fun ensued. On the couch. And I only have NSFW pictures of these two and couldn't be bothered to edit them, so you'll have to paint pictures in your mind!

Pick up the cause of Erin's "deer in a headlight" look:
  • She got promoted and has scary new responsibilities
  • Lazlo's here! Isn't he one of these weird Curious brothers?
  • She's pregnant.
(I may have tweaked her ideal family size a tad. Like, set it to twenty kids or so.)
(But not Chloe's. She oopsed me on her own.)

As this seems to be the go-to venue for everyone in Strangetown, I decided to invite a few more people.
First, Deirdre, who's being annoyingly friendly with Yann.

Marsha Grunt, Tank's delightful wife.

Not a guest - but Chloe decided to sport a matching bump.

Last guest is perma-preg Lola, and we have ourselves a lovely pregnancy club!

Look, that's really nothing, but I have a friend who makes so many dirty jokes about skiing that I can't look at this picture with a straight face. #insidejokemoment #noonewillgetit #idontcare

"You're going to be a fantastic mum. Are you going to study about parenting?"

"Only if it makes me look less like an elephant."

<3 I can't wait to see that nooboo.

Chloe's awesome even when she sleeps.


Next time? Back to the Surprise! The baby boom continues.

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