25 April 2015

Fiesta Tech interlude: back at the Smiths!

There's one kid left in the Smiths household, and I need to move him out to Uni quick if I want his parents to turn platinum before they turn into ghosts! So let's go back to Strangetown for a couple of days.

 Jenny isn't a very happy elder. I sent her to the community lot to shop for jewellery, to cheer her up a bit. She meets Vidcund, who's clearly just as happy as she is.

Ah. Yes, I know you're frustrated, Vidcund. No need to scream it over the roofs. Especially not over the roof of a former church!

PT#9 is painting a family portrait. And I just love that pic of him to bits.

Jenny's the house's mechanic. She also needs *just one more point* before that next promotion, after which... she'll retire.

OK, whatever happens, that's definitely her last day at work.

That crazy kid is over the top even when playing rock paper scissors.

Yes, Ocean. You rule.
I feel sorry that I have to cheat you out of a big chunk of your teenage-hood.

PT#9 and Jenny's portraits.

Then, the Smiths and their neighbours gave me the best surprise ever - a really nice parting gift before the end of that era.

Malcolm was the first to walk past. PT#9's quite chummy with him, so welcomed him home.

Malcolm is one of the good guys. He likes cheese on toast.

Then Deirdre Surprise rang the bell...

And Darren Surprise, too!

Impromptu hangout party! Also present: the ubiquitous BJ Wendland.
I love them all.
This was the best hangout ever. It went on and on and on!

BJ, what a big mouth you have!

Darren also knows how to pull a face!

Only one sore note: Jenny. She really hasn't been herself since her birthday. :-( I got her to join the others after a while.

Too soon, it was time to go.

OK, Ocean *so* rocks, he even managed to grow into an outfit that looks perfect on him.

I sent him to a temporary dorm. Tank just happened to walk by.
Tank: "He's the shit!"
Ocean: "I'm the shits!"
I should have renamed him Narcissus.

And that's Ocean, up close, as a young adult...

My buttons. They are being pushed.

Next: Dunno. I need to stop fawning over Ocean first.

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