09 April 2015

La Fiesta Tech 01.01: Smiths and Grunts in the same dorm, oh my!

Finally, it's time for college for the oldest Strangetown teens!

I got the teens into Uni gradually - first the oldest (Tank, Johnny, Ophelia and Ripp), then Buck and Jill, and finally Ocean Smith. While this made some kind of sense, story-wise, it turned Uni into the longest I've ever played. Meaning: I certainly won't do that again!!! Uni's long enough as it is.

It also means that some parts of Uni take place roughly at the same time as events unfold in Strangetown. Confusing. (But you should be used to that by now, right?)

It also, also means that we're back to square one, picture-wise. I.e. thumbnail-sized, wall-less, ceiling-less, plumbbob-heavy pics. It won't look pretty! Except for Johnny Smith's buttocks.

Anyway, I had already sent these three to temporary dorms:
Johnny Smith and Tank Grunt
Ophelia (and a dormie, Gabe Lim)
All was going well, Tank and Johnny were even sort of civil with each other. So adding Ripp to the mix wouldn't change things much, would it?

Oh come on. They haven't been here even five seconds that they've already started drama. Ripp finally got his first kiss... in front of Ophelia's first boyfriend... and Tank and Johnny are into poke-fest mode again.

Ripp got *a lot more* than his first kiss out of the bargain. And here I was, hoping Ophelia would give Johnny plenty of little green babies like the good family sim she is...

"Dude, I know you have no reason to trust me, but listen: if you love her, you better do something about it."

And that's Johnny, reviving the old flame.
I can't even. Ophelia, you're confusing me.

Barbara Howe, it's not very kind of you to congratulate Johnny for being the *second* man to kiss Ophelia within the first hour of moving into the dorm.
I love Barbara, by the way. She's the red-head on the left.

I'm really glad my jealousy settings are pretty lax. Johnny and Ripp get along very well, despite the slight point of contention that is Ophelia.

Tank's the nerdiest popularity sim I've ever seen. He's writing his term paper. As for Barbara? Well. She's writing *Ripp's* term paper.

Because Ripp has more important things to do.

Awwwww this is sweet!

Oh look, Tank has found the courage to talk to someone! And she's cute! Her name is Marsha Barrett and I have a massive crush on her.

Ripp has no shame. The minute Ophelia turns her back to him, he chats up another girl.

At least Ripp's got an excuse: he *is* a romance sim, unlike a certain family sim I know.

Ophelia, my dear, you're confused.

When she kisses Ripp she thinks of Johnny. When she sleeps with Johnny she dreams of Ripp. She shags one in the photobooth and runs to the other when he comes back from class. All. The. Time. I'm just... I don't know. I really don't know what to do with her.

At pretty much the same time, Ripp finds a second lover...

And then a third...

I don't think he'll ever want to leave college.

Anyway, Johnny wanted to go swimming, possibly to show me the glory that is his swimwear.

Johnny's radioactive butt
Glorious, I told you.

OMG Gabe, get back into your Secret Society suit!!!

"Nah your curves are just purrrfect."
Gwen would be a good fit for Johnny. I'm seriously wondering whether I should save him from Ophelia and get him engaged to that girl - he already has a crush on her, so that wouldn't be too difficult.
But. It's Ophelia he wants to get engaged to. Poor Johnny.

Took the cook a long time to start a fire!

Tank is undisturbed. Important stuff! He's writing another term paper. While Gabe wonders if he could hire another cook via his Secret Society connections.

Aww Tank shy-flirting the lovely Marsha...!

And we have a kiss! Way to go, Tank! She's lovely. Hang on to her.

Meanwhile, Ophelia kept rolling two wants:
- Get engaged to Ripp
- Get engaged to Johnny
When I said she was confused, I wasn't kidding. I couldn't decide either... so I headed to random.org and rolled a number between 1 and 100. The rule was simple: 1 to 50, she'd get hitched to Johnny, 51 to 100, she'd go for Ripp.

She rolled 49.
She also still wants to get engaged to Ripp. :-/

College is not just about sex. Tank's still a sports fan, and plays basketball every chance he gets.

So is that how you make best friends?!?!?
... I knew I was doing it wrong. :-/

Yay smustle!
They're even good at it!!!

"I hope Ophy's not too bored, while I'm stuck here writing my term paper."

Don't worry, Johnny, she's just fine.

"The path to true love is not a straight one."
You don't say.

One love triangle on one side of the canteen, and... Tank on the other.
Popularity sim my arse.

Autonomous cleaning?! "Who are you and what have you done with the real Ripp?"

Nah, that's still our Ripp.

You want to make puddles? Fine. You get to clean them up.
Suck it up.

And another woman's in love with Ripp! I think that's three or four by now? What a change compared to his teenage years!

Proof of concept: the photobooth can actually be used to take pictures.

This is me, telling Tank to look through the telescope. This is Tank, doing his happy-walk. And this is the moment I decided he would become a knowledge sim.
I just want him to be happy.

The kids finally found the super-awesome couch area I installed downstairs. Only took them about two years.

It's not a case of sore neck. Johnny is actually upskirting a fellow dormie. Open staircases FTW.

That photobooth gets some more action. Madeleine's in love!

Next time: Jill and Buck join the gang!
Should be fine, I think. As long as Ophelia doesn't fall for Buck.

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