04 April 2015

Strangetown 01.12: Popular!Buck

One last Grunt post before we meet our teens at Uni. That should have probably been posted before the last Smith's update, as Jill is still a teen here. Ah well.

Tank is here, looking all serious. Ripp is here, looking all silly. And Buck, looking all sweet, is holding his little sister. Must be birthday time!

YAY! She's cute. I think she'll end up looking a lot like Kristen, except for the eyes. Can't wait.

Paradise is one of those kids who likes being read to a lot. Kristen indulges her.

She doesn't have time to finish the book, though, because Baby!
... Wait. This isn't a bathroom-baby. How peculiar.

Yup, definitely not a bathroom. It's a boy, Midnight.

Aaaaah. G.BuzzGrin(TM) :-)

Paradise tries to out-nerd Buck.

Buck asks Jill on a date. And fails at rolling dates wants. That should go well.
I gotta say, Jill is a lot of fun :-)

Sweet. Jill has Buck twisted around her little finger. And I love Buck's hair in this night-club.

Tell me another one, Princess. You seemed to like it just fine an hour ago.

Kristen looks a lot less tired this time around.

Buck's last homework before Uni.

o.O @ General Buzz's fears.

Well, I was waiting for them to roll the want... That's not gonna happen, but I absolutely want them to get married.


Rex. I love those strays. I'll bite the bullet one of those days and adopt one of them... It's just that I don't want them to grow old and die :-(

Buzz, best :-) dad ever.

Well, not always. Hey, nobody's perfect!

Oh a cutie! I think she's one of the Tricous. Let's see how Buck gets along with her.

They get along all right, but Jill's got nothing to fear from her.
ETA: Her name is Ashlee Cwik, and apparently she's not related to the Tricou.

 Well done Kristen.
General Buzz immediately breaks Kristen's work friend's arm. The friend likes that. Or maybe he's too scared to pretend otherwise.

I think G. Buzz finally got over Lyla's death. He's another man since the birth of Paradise.

Following Buck's date with Jill, Jenny invited him to an outing, probably to assess her future son-in-law. It's a Smith party!

Johnny, Jill and Pollination Technician #9
Ocean and Jenny
Ocean pwns at everything. Pictures don't do him justice - he basically steals the show.

One can't have a good outing without Yann Fabulous making an appearance. He does look fabulous, admittedly.

Jill is a very enthusiastic kisser. :-D
I'd be Buck, I'd be scared!!!

YAY! Well done Buck. That'll show them Popularity sims!!!

Buck would really like to lose a couple of pounds before going to Uni. Despite his best efforts, it's not going to happen quite yet...

Wow, Kristen. That's brilliant.

That's... not so brilliant. Checo had been ringing the bell for an hour, and only stopped as Kristen came back from work. I was really concerned there for a minute. Nothing happened... this time... but...

Like an Abba song.
"Knowing me, knowing you, taddam, taddam,
There's nothing we can doooooo hoooo hooo."

I'm conflicted. Would General Buzz survive another heartbreak?

Aside from that little Checo thing, General Buzz's life is now picture-perfect.

Rover is my favourite dog of all. Look at his big smile!!!

One last attempt to lose that pouch, because that's what Buck wants. Still no go. He now has crazy high body points, proving that one can be chubby *and* fit.

Anyway, go to Uni already!!! Your little brother is almost old enough to ride a moped by now!

Because, yes, it's already Midnight's birthday ! I haz a sad: no more General Buzz :-).

Midnight is cute. He looks a lot like his sister, with a somewhat dreamy look that reminds me of Tank and Buck.
He can't walk yet, but he can make a dash for the aquarium!

Toddler spam!

And, for a little while, General Buzz can keep doing what he does best. :-)

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