12 April 2015

La Fiesta Tech 01.02: Buck and Jill join the gang!

It's time to tamper Ophelia's shenanigans by adding two sane students to the mix: Buck Grunt and Jill Smith. Well, not so sure about Jill, sanity-wise. At least her idea of fun is more innocent that Ophelia's.

Buck grows into an outfit that couldn't be further from his personality if he tried.

He goes to the shopping center to get some new clothes, where he's immediately assaulted by Nymphophilia. Gaaaaah!!!!

He narrowly escapes with his life... only to flirt with Gwen. I'll be the first to admit she's a lovely girl, but dammit, Buck, I wasn't expecting that from you! Have you already forgotten your childhood sweetheart?

... I'm in trouble. Buck's a serial two-bolter.

<3 the good witch's perfect timing.

No, I won't let you flirt with Marsha. Dammit, Buck!!! Your eldest brother is so shy, she's probably his only chance of raising a family!

Anyway, your girlfriend's taxi just pulled out...

These shorts kind of work, but I don't like the shoes. I'll worry about it later.

Buck and Jill's first vision of the new dorm is the backside of a streaker. Oh well.

I'm sure I (and Ripp) will appreciate having Buck around.

Nice character pic of Ophelia Changedhermind Nigmos.

For French-speakers out there, I recommend playing that song for extra flavour:
Replace politics with love, and you've got Ophelia.

That's not Ripp. It's not even Johnny. So who's that, I hear you asking? Why, Patrick Hogan, naturally. The sexiest dormie this side of the cactus tree.

While Jill Smith gets a very active shopping experience...

... Buck finally reaches his goal of shedding that extra pound or two that was bothering him!

"I love her. She loves me. This must be love!!!!" Yeah, watch out Buckie, because your sweetheart has met...

... Patrick Hogan!!! I'm slightly concerned. I don't know him well. I suspect he might be like Ophelia: a "Family" sim.
(And yes, that pink-streaked girl is Jill!)

Tank: "Johnny rocks!!"
Johnny: "Tank rules!!"

They did that all on their own. I haz a proud.

Ripp: "Yeah you're like, cute, but I dunno..."
Yep. She keeps trying, but no go.

Ophelia doesn't have such qualms.
And one more notch, one!

Oh yes, Patrick must be a "Family" sim.
Btw, that girl he's dancing with? She started up with a silly wedding veil. One quick makeover, and pronto! she's one of the hottest girls on campus. She sports a monobrow and she rocks it.

Dammit, Ophelia!!!!

Did you really have to stalk Patrick into the bathroom stall to fall in love with him? Urgh.

If that wasn't clear by now... I love Ophy to bits. That girl's bonkers. I thought she'd be boring... she's anything but! Infuriating, certainly, but oh boy!!!! Not. Boring.

Her grades are so-so: she's so busy boinking her dormies that she hasn't got time for college... and she's not as clever as Ripp, who rolled *that* want:

Good boy.

"Why, yes, I'm writing Ripp's term paper. He asked so nicely!"
Oh, Barbara.

The way things are going, the only couple that would need reuniting is yours, sweetheart.

Patrick approves, naturally.

Barbara's adorable. So is Jill, but we knew that already. :-)

I knew these two would get there eventually.

Life goes on for Ophelia.

Two random pics of the canteen, because I'm very happy with it.

Like pigs in a pen. :-D

Ophelia is obsessed. She patted Patrick on the shoulder and told him dirty jokes (which didn't make him laugh) for hours.

It got worse.

Cry me a river. Just be glad I got you inside before you embarrassed yourself.

Patrick: "Your girlfriend's a great lay."
Johnny: "I hate you."
Ophelia: :-D

With that said, Ripp is feeling a bit neglected. He also needs to work on his creativity. I put two and two together and send him to La Fiesta's music hot spot, where he meets Gwen. Ooooooh.

Gwen, yes, clearly, I have something in mind, but you don't have to give me the evil eye for it.

Work hard...

Play hard.
Didn't think that Marsha, floating at the back there, was a bong head, but whatever!

And now that Gwen has relaxed a bit, she doesn't play hard to get.

Gwen: "I'm not sure what I did up there."
Marsha: **sideways glance**

With Ripp taken care of, back to our regular schedule of Photobooth action. This time featuring Patrick and hot-monobrow-girl.

Tank's reached that stage, Junior I think it is?, where he can change his aspiration. He's now a Knowledge sim with a LTW that feels very appropriate for him.

And try as I may, I couldn't make Marsha playable. I didn't know about the "add to family" trick yet - so the next easiest thing was for Tank to move to his own little love nest.

And everyone's sad to see him go :-(

Next: yes... more college. Told you it was the longest ever.

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