03 April 2015

Strangetown 01.11: Pure love.

This post will be about Ripp Grunt.
Because Ripp needs some TLC. His plumbbob is so red he could apply for a job as a fire-fighter truck.

First step: getting him off his arse. After letting him play a bit because I'm doing exactly the same thing, ain't I?

The kid's almost eighteen. He's a romance sim. And he hasn't even flirted with anyone yet. I'm not even sure G.Buzz has had the bee talk with him. So I'm taking him to the nearest community lot so that he can, hopefully, meet a hormone-raging teen. Instead he meets...

Yep. Hormone-raging Chloe and Yann.
"You've got a great rack, Chloe."
Ripp: *shock*

An important life lesson was learned here.

I send Ripp-Red-Plumbbob back home before Yann corrupts him completely. He and Buck decide to bond around the fish-tank. Eeh eeh! That's too cute!

By the way, I haven't shown you a proper close-up of Teen!Buck yet. Well I did but he was having his face half-eaten by Jill Smith. Anyway, he looks like a blond version of that guy in Scooby Doo.

I finally managed to get the two teens to talk to Kristen. They've been really good at ignoring her since she moved in.
I'm not asking you to call her mum, guys. Get over it.

*Pop*. GOOD. The sooner I get you out that ugly outfit, the better.

Gratuitous lulzsmustle pic.
Talking about clothes, I think I needed clothes for someone - can't remember whom - so I sent General Buzz shopping.
He first met Lola. Her outfit is marginally better than Kristen's.
I know, I know... I hadn't heard of default replacements yet...

General Buzz: "All I want is world peace, really."
Yeah yeah. Like that line's gonna work on Pollination Technician #9 Smith, your arch-enemy.

... Colour me baffled.

Look, Buzzy, I like the intention behind it, but playing catch with a 129-month pregnant woman may not be your best idea.

(Oh and look at Nervous Subject looking all smart and stuff in the background!)

Back at home. Buck cooked dinner for everyone and made, at the grand old age of fourteen, best friends with his father.
The other guys are, I think, Sinjin Couderc and BJ Wendland.

Oh goodie. That's part of my secret plan for Buck.
Buck: "Yay! I like food!"
Kristen: "Step 1: Open a restaurant. Step 3: Kaching!!!!"

Oh no not in the bathroom.

It's a girl, Paradise.
Paradise Loste.

Zoom in if you dare. Biggest grin evah.
This is the moment I fell in love with Buzz.

So *this* is my secret plan for Buck: Private School! I got him to cook dinner because he rocks at cooking. I got Buzzie to dine with the headmaster, and thankfully he didn't cock it up. How daring of me.

I didn't take any chance with Ripp, though:
Results: two teens in private school, and one fit Ripp.

By then Ripp wasn't in the red anymore, but he still hadn't had his first kiss. So I gave it one last shot and sent him to a community lot - the toy shop - don't ask, I don't know either, I just clicked at random. Apparently, everyone who's anyone meets there. It's like Brick Lane in London, dude. From front to back: Nervous Subject, Deirdre Surprise, Chloe Curious, Malcolm Landgraab IV, and Lola Curious. Wow!


Bella Goth is here, too. Random townie's asking her if she's ovulating.
Yes, Bella, I'd be shocked too.

But better than Bella, better than Deirdre, better even than Chloe... there's a TEEN! and she's a GIRL!
Ripp promptly uses the line that works flawlessly for Yann on the GIRL.

She didn't like it.

Oh well. Keep a lock on that first kiss want, Ripp, and go make a friend instead.

And... Ripp is happy! Meanwhile Nervous reminds me he's actually nasty.

Ripp is just one point shy from the only scholarship he can get. But unlike a couple of sim-days ago, his dad actually wouldn't mind training him.

Ripp got his Body skill point.
More importantly? That picture right there? Autonomous hang-out.
I'm floored.

I <3 them.

Time to say good-bye while the going is good. Ripp is off to Uni, and even Kristen is rushing to wave at him.

Buck's not as skilled as Ripp in looking after baby Paradise.

"Yez I've just had that babything here... Haven't slept in days... Shez the cutets though isn'tshe zzzzzz?"

Bigger pic of Buck 'cuz I can.

Lulz. General Buzz Grunt = most self-conscious popularity sim ever.

Well, now that Ripp's gone, this blog post is obviously about Buzz.

And his grin.
I want him to have babies forever so that I can keep seeing that grin.
I can't get enough of it.
Me: *melts down*

Unfortunately it's already time for Paradise's birthday. Boo hoo.

She's got Kristen's nose and, I think, Buzz's eyes. It's a bit of an odd mix, but I'm sure she'll look fine.

Eh eh. For the record: I didn't make them do it.
I didn't actively keep them from doing it, either, tbh. Not after *that grin*.

Anyway, Tank was missing his daddy and invited him Downtown.
They decided to sing together. Very badly, may I add.

Ripp was there, too.
In the background you can see Jill Smith, and Marsha - whom you'll meet later, once I get around posting about Uni. To sum up: she's Tank's girlfriend, and she's adorable.

Buzz, Nervous, Jill, and another dude who's often around but whose name I can never remember.

Then General Buzz left for another community lot and had an interesting conversation with Pascal...:

Don't mock Pascal. I'd be scared too if G.Buzz was pulling that face at me.

Lazlo: "Yo! I'm cool!"
Yes, yes you are.

Back at home:
Kristen gives that toddler-skilling thing a try, but she's very tired. Still: cuteness!

Buck is a big nerd :-)

Buzz. OMG loveness! He also rolled all the big toddler wants, unlike Kristen. So he gets to teach Paradise all the big skills.

BJ Wendland is becoming a permanent fixture of the family. He's great with Paradise.

Buck can baby-sit just as well as BJ!

*Pop* !!!!!!!!!
YAYYYYYYY!YAYYY! Buzz will grin some more!!!

Time-machine moment: *this* is Buck's first kiss. I've messed up the order of the blog posts a bit, well, at least they're still roughly the same age. Anyway, it makes sense in my head. Yesitdoes.
I just feel a bit sad that Buck, official nerd sim, got his first kiss before Ripp. Oh well.

"Daddy!" "YES! Daddy!"

And now. The sole reason of that blog even existing. The most important picture on internet. The answer to all of your existential questions. I present you with...

General Buzz's potty-training face.
You don't believe me? Proof:

This. Serious moment here. This is why The Sims 2 still rocks: because of General Buzz's potty-training face.

I fucking love this game.

Here. Have a bit of pure love. Just to help you through the day.

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