24 September 2018

Current WIPs

I've been a busy bee. This is a preview of my current WIPs. Not all of them are for Timetwist: there's also stuff for InfinitiGrid and my new store layout.

Row boat
New store layout, and also one of Infiniti venues

Mesh paths -- only a partial shot
And finally something for Timetwist:


They're all at various degrees of completion. You can see the main store in Ufeus (SL) or in Titikah on InfinitGrid -- I thought it was finished but I'd really like to add a couple of curved entrelacs there.

The socks are the ones where I still have the most work to do. They'll come with and without garter options -- the model is slightly different, and also an applier option (as well as the mesh sock). This is another one of those five-minute jobs that turned into a massive undertaking, LOL! I spent hours trying to get the UVmap just right so as to minimize seams, but as the pattern is rather complex, I wasn't able to avoid them completely. The seam on the current version is less obvious than the one shown here, though.

The other surprisingly complex project was the set of mesh paths. Oh boy. I wanted to keep the number of textures to a minimum, so the roads share UVmaps and there's a lot of careful overlapping going on. On the plus side, I learned how to texture multiple UDIMs at once in Substance Designer. That's a good tool to add to my toolbox!

The modelling of the boat is done, and you can actually try it on InfinitiGrid. There's a rezzer in the Welcome Area next to the lever bridge, and another one in Provenance. There's no animation, just a basic sit target, but the boat now actually floats. Which wasn't always the case, XD.

Next? I'd like to do a costume for Samhain / Halloween. I have a couple of ideas... Now to find the time to do it, LOL!

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