16 July 2018

A few male mesh bodies and head demos

My mAlt is looking at getting an upgrade. He's not first on the list, so he won't get anything yet (OK, he got a new haircut) -- but I've started looking for mesh bodies and heads.

I'm currently wearing Logo's Ethan head (non-bento) with the good old-fashioned SL body, which is particularly unkind on male avatars. You've seen the dude -- he's pretty much the face of Timetwist by now. Gotta earn his keep.

Anyway! Lots of pics and long text of doom incoming, so it's all behind the cut. I'm shoving it all in the same post so that I can compare everything later more easily.

Body: Slink Physique + Head: Logo Logan

First off, I defaulted to Logo's new Bento head (Logan) combined with Slink body. I'm happy with Ethan's head, actually, except that the eyelids come at a hefty 10,000 impact or so. I usually leave them in my back pocket in my inventory, which means... I don't blink. I'm a fan of this particular Doctor Who episode, so that's all right.

Logan's not as heavy as Ethan. I wrote down the numbers and then I lost them, so, ahem, take my word for it? I know that Logan + Slink Physique clock in at > 20,000, not sure how much exactly as the physique demo is short one foot and one hand, XD.

Pics? Yeah, sure. Lookittee:

Logo Logan + Slink Physique - headshot

Logo Logan + Slink Physique - bodyshot

I'm using my own shape, Logo's default skin for the head and Slink's default for the body. I spent about 10 seconds tinting the Slink skin for a rough match -- good enough for the time I spent on it. I really like Logo's skin, so if I were to buy the Slink Physique body, I'd probably get Logo's applier for it. However, I could also live in the default skin for a while.

Logan Head by Logo

The Pros:
- lower impact than Ethan and now I really feel stupid for not writing it down!
- nice expressions and animations
- my usual eyes and general look-and-feel
- Omega-enabled, and I see you can get an Omega version of the beards in the store.
- the beards are super-awesome

The Cons:
- limited slider effects, but as I'm going for that overall shape anyway, I'm happy with what I can tweak. Same for all heads I've tried, really.
- honestly, the big one for me? No update route. I upgraded from Alex to Alexis and got a discount. Logan is basically Ethan+, but there doesn't seem to be a discount available for those who bought the original head. Considering I tend to be a REALLY loyal customer who shops at, like, four stores, this blows.

Slink Physique:

- Man, I love the way this body looks. It just fits.

- ... ?
- OK, I'm not 100% happy with the skin. Although I could live with it for some time, I'd eventually want to get an applier for it. 
- Oh, and although I'm happy that it comes with a penis, you can't detach it (which looks fine, btw!). Extra invisible geometry for the win. :/ And now I have that "detachable penis" song stuck in my head. Great.

Altamura Manuel and Robert (body+head)

Second option: go for an all-in-one solution, because I like simple things. I tried two Altamura full bodies: Manuel and Robert.

First, Manuel:

Altamura Manuel - bodyshot

Altamura Manuel - headshot
And Robert -- just a headshot, as the body is fairly similar:

Altamura Robert - headshot
I'm wearing Altamura's default shapes and skins.

- low impact; 9000 or so, which is pretty good!
- alphas seem OK, haven't played with them much but could get a good fit with random Slink-fitted jeans.

- Crotch gap of doom, i.e. the vertical version of the thigh gap of doom. I can't get over that.
- The shapes honestly can't be changed all that much. I shrunk my avatar to a normal size (I really can't stand being 2m tall; it looks horrible) and tweaked all sorts of things, but couldn't get rid of the crotch gap. Or tweak the lips to be flatter -- as soon as you do, you get another gap, between the lips this time. Robert in particular has tortured lips... and that's out of the box.
- On the other hand, if you like the very unique head shapes, then it's fine. I like Manuel quite a bit, actually.
- The skin looks grainy and, overall, lacks subtlety. I'd have to get a new one for sure.
- The hud just seems off to me and I don't even know why -- just... sort of unfinished? Dunno.
- No eyes, which I don't mind (I usually sport my system eyes rather than the mesh ones anyway), but the downside is that the SL eyes seem larger. Couldn't tweak them to anything I was happy with.

- Not for me. Could be a great option for someone else.

Signature Gianni / Geralt, mixed with Ethan

Fiiiinally, I headed out to Signature and grabbed demos of Gianni, Geralt, and assorted family jewels. Please forgive the ill-fitting Slink undies in the pictures, it was either that or a "censored Ken doll" box.

Signature Geralt body + Logo Ethan head

Signature Geralt body + Logo Ethan head
That's a nice bod! I like it. I like the skin, and managed to roughly match it in no time at all. The feet and hands are detachable, Slink-style. The body's impact is about 12000, which I'm pretty sure is less than Slink (sorry again for the lack of accuracy).

The family jewels are sold separately. Unlike Slink, they're, uh, functional. And detachable, so you can put it in your pocket when you put your clothes on. As you do.

The hud is also something I can live with, even though I didn't really look into it that much. I know there are starting to be clothing options for Geralt. 

Good going so far... I was hoping I'd like the head as well, but it wasn't to be so:

Signature Geralt head

It looks very angular.

One cool option for it is the eyes -- as you can see, heterochromia is built-in! Cool stuff. There's a blind eye, even. Unfortunately the eyes look dead, especially compared to my usual ones (system Ikon, or Ethan's default eyes -- which I believe are also Ikon eyes, actually).

Anyway, off to the last picture -- Gianni.

Signature Gianni + Logo Ethan

Again, a great body, but the arms and shoulders look too muscular for me. It's a great option for someone who wants to look more buff.


Although I'm staying with my current combo at the moment, I'm seriously considering:
- Slink Physique Body or
- Signature Gianni (body only)
- followed by Logo's Logan head

And, with all that said, with all those new impact considerations... it reminds me that I need to update my Steampunk Goggles at some point. Funnily enough, I thought the bracelet+key would be heavier -- but they're all right! 1000 impact, which for something that detailed is pretty cool, actually. The goggles, however? Yeah. They need a bit of trimming.

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