20 August 2018

Men's Bathing Suit: Striped

And... with a bit of yarn and a few buttons, the Timetwist/A2NZ crew is back in the clothing business! Not a minute too soon, either. You have no idea how much we were missing that.

Say hello to our first rigged mesh outfit:

Men's Bathing Suit

It's Victorian, it's a bathing suit, and it's made of waterlogged yarn.

A shockingly indecent outfit suitable for the most decadent Victorian beach resorts, our Bathing Suit made from the sturdiest sheep yarn will keep you warm in England's coldest waters. You will be the brightest beacon on the Promenade des Anglais!

Coming in a choice of five delicately marbled buttons and three traditional striped yarns (blue, red, and grey) as well as a daring citrus colour which is, possibly maybe, not historically accurate. Ooops?

Now for the important technical stuff:
The bathing suit is fitmesh, and comes in the five standard male sizes -- eg. classic avatars only. We've tried it on a couple of mesh bodies (Slink and Altamura), and it *doesn't* fit on those even with the alphas, at least not with our shapes. You will however get a free update once we start adding more sizes.

10 September 2018 update: Added a Slink Physique Male size. 😊

Another Caveat Emptor: this is my (Raindrop) first fitmesh outfit. I'm ridiculously proud of it, and I'm happy with how it fits on my male avatar, overall. But there's no hiding the fact that I lack experience. It's not as tight-fitting as I'd like it to be, for a start, and there's a couple of annoying distortions that crop up in some slider configurations. So, you know, try the demos.

Possibly inaccurate Citrus yarn

Photo taken somewhere in Caledon (stunning place, btw!)

In short, it's not perfect, and that's why it's priced at a friendly 25L$. For that you get five sizes, four striped yarns, and five buttons (the desaturated colours are tintable-friendly), and of course free updates when updates happen.

Oh by the way, we've switched to the CasperVend system, so it's now much easier to get redeliveries and all that jazz!

Get it in-world
On the marketplace

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