17 September 2018

Timetwist Kids: Bathing Suit - Striped

Timetwist Kids? That's right, we've got a sister store! Or a little brother's store, actually. Our first item is the boy's version of our Victorian bathing suit:

Boys' Victorian bathing suit
It fits Loki's avatars and Tweenster Boy (with auto-alpha). Same colour options as the grown-up version, i.e. five buttons and four yarns, including one that is wildly inaccurate, historically speaking.

Best to contact Wilde Tomcat for any issues regarding the Timetwist Kids range, with A2NZ Resident or Raindrop Drinkwater as a second choice. Just make sure to mention you're talking about the kids' range. :)

Copy-mod, will show as no-mod in inventory due to the scripts.
Get it on the marketplace
Get it inworld (same location as usual)

Now for the non-salesy, techy bit:
Both the Tweenster and Loki's avatar are very nice to work with. I was unsure about Loki's, because it comes with a bind pose, modified joints and all that jazz, but if anything, it's the easiest body to weigh that I've worked with so far.

Couple of tricks:

  • Don't let Avastar fix Tweenster's mesh for you if you use the devkit manager. It'll add weights to the chest, causing hilarious mesh explosions. And much head-scratching, followed by a whiny IM to Kenzie who put me in the right direction. Thanks, Kenzie! 👍
  • Loki: in the "Pose and Animate" section, make sure to tick "default lock" otherwise the bones will stick out at odd angles and it won't export well.

My saves/export/upload settings:

  • Tweenster:
    • Collada export: with joints, Tweenster shape
    • upload: without joints
  • Loki:
    • Collada export: bind pose, with joints, Loki shape
    • upload: without joints
  • Also don't export with Blender profile. Never works for me. 

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