04 April 2016

Steampunk Goggles

OMG I'm so excited about this! I posted about the (pretty advanced) WIP a couple of days ago; my steampunk goggles are now finished, optimized as well as I could, and live on the grid! Do I like them? Well, I can't stop taking pictures of the bloody things, that's how much I like them.

I'll just copy the product description below, for the sake of appearances, but basically what I really want to say is: OMFG!!!! I MADE THIS!!!!!!!! Ahem.

Are you a mad genius? An unstoppable tinkerer? Do you dream of tesla-coiled sheep at night? Then this sturdy pair of steampunk goggles is for you.

The lenses encased in leather and copper, and held together by cogs and a fashionable leather strap, are guaranteed to have no effect whatsoever on your eyesight. (Sorry!)

For the tinkerers out there: the leather straps and the main goggles are two separate objects, which should make it easier for you to play with. The goggles will show as no-mod in your inventory, but that's just because of the script inside - the mesh itself is definitely mod-friendly!

Finally, the Steampunk Goggles use advanced lighting materials, but the diffuse is baked in such a way that they look good with basic shaders as well.

- Original mesh + advanced materials
- Mod-enabled, and also includes a resizer

Some more pics, including a version with just the basic shaders (still look pretty good, if I say so myself):

Super mooooody!

They're inworld and you can also get them on the marketplace (full version - demo).

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