16 April 2016

GentleMad Top Hat

Well, can I say? I like hats, and although the Bowler hat is perfect for everyday use, sometimes you need to make a statement! So here's our second hat: the GentleMad Top Hat. :-)

Make a statement with this over-the-top Mad Hat, designed to block everyone's field of view at the opera.

You won't look like everyone else either: GentleMad comes in four smooth colours (black, blue, red and white), four woolly ones (same shades), and four silky ribbons, all controlled by HUD. We've also put a resizer in there - just touch the hat to activate.

As always, you can also mod it the old-fashioned way. Tint it, squash it, use it as a teacup or attach goggles to it! It will show as no-mod in your inventory because of the scripts; just go ahead and mod it anyway. :-)

Once you're done, feel free to delete the scripts. Just make sure you're working on a copy. Wear it proudly, or display it on your favourite hat stand!

Finally, GentleMad Top Hat uses advanced lighting materials, but the diffuse is baked in such a way that it looks good with basic shaders as well.

- Original mesh + advanced materials
- Land Impact: 2
- Textures controlled by HUD
- Mod-enabled, and also includes a resizer

Get it in SL
Marketplace: demo version - full version

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