30 April 2016

Keyed-Up Bracelet

Are you an automaton who constantly needs tweaking? Or worse, do you own an automaton who keeps going haywire, destroying everything on its path?

Either way, you've certainly found yourself in a situation where you had to fix things *now*, and couldn't waste time remembering where you'd put your key last night.

Our solution? A durable leather bracelet with standard-fit automaton key included. Genius? Yes, we like to think so.

Now for the practical details: the bracelet comes in six leather colours, controlled by hud, including a tint-friendly white. The inside and outside of the bracelet are different materials, which means you can tint them separately. For extra fun, you can also turn just the inside of the bracelet white, with the outside being one of the preset colours.

It also comes with two keys, one brand new, and one that, quite frankly, has seen better days.

It attaches to the left or right forearm by default, and with two preset sizes: default female, and default male. We've put in a resizer script for ease of use, and it's mod-enabled.

One last thing: we unfortunately can't guarantee that the key provided will work with your automaton.

- Original mesh + advanced materials
- Mod-enabled, and also includes a resizer
- Hud-controlled colours (six leather colours and two keys)

Get it in SL - On the Marketplace - Demo version

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