22 April 2016

Mr Hataway

Mr Hataway sports a mighty moustache. That, in itself, would be enough to justify his presence in your home. But that's not all. Mr Hataway also has a very important role in your daily life: he will wear your hat for you!

That's right! These awkwards moments of looking for the perfect spot to put your hat (on those occasions where you definitely don't want it on your head) are a thing of the past. Just put it on Mr Hataway. He'll be glad for that, for he hates being bare-headed. And with his fearsome looks, no one will *dare* steal your hat. Nope siree.

Mr Hataway is also known for his poor eyesight, so he'd be very happy for you to lend him a monocle, too.

Technical bits: first, let me mention that the hat isn't included. It's a Bring-Your-Own deal! Mr Hataway is copy-mod, so feel free to resize if you own a giant hat.

Finally, Mr Hataway uses advanced lighting materials, but the diffuse is baked in such a way that it looks good with basic shaders as well.

- Original mesh + advanced materials
- Land Impact: 2
- Amazing moustache!
- Hat not included

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