04 July 2015

Strangetown 03.01: The Surprise

Right, so how many rotations did I play the Surprise this time? I really need to start learning how to count. On the plus side, at *some* point once I've blogged my backlog, I'll switch to 1-day rotations like I do with Widespot. Should be much easier.

Last time Deirdre gave birth to Svanhild. In my previous iteration of Strangetown / Surprise, Svanhild burnt to death. I hope this one won't do the same.

My two nerds, Duanan and Flikra, are deliriously excited to go to school. Even *I* wasn't so happy going there - and if there ever was a nerd, that was me!

Dagfinn (cutest toddler in the Universe) will probably out-nerd his older brother and sister soon. At the moment he's just busy out-cute-ing them.

Yay!!!! I would have had him look into the telescope, but his comfort was tanked for some reason, and he was *that* close from the top.

YAYYYY!!! Now if anyone knows of a hack that:
- keeps elder in their adult bodies
- but turns their hair grey,
I'd love to hear about it.

Duanan has brought the devil home: Stezka, Vidcund Curious's daughter. If Sims had negative grouchy points, she'd have them. I'm shaking in my boots.
Mind, she's absolutely fantastic as evil kids go! She seems to have taken a liking to Duanan, too, which means he's safe from whoever would like to torment him. They won't know what hit them.

Darren's been promoted to High School Principal. Means a new outfit, which is great because I don't like this one. And also a new haircut - actually because I nuked his old one with a default replacement, which looks great but not *him*. His new role will be a good reason to send him to the hairdresser.

Until then we have something more important to do: it's Dagfinn's birthday... Is it? Already? Nooooo! He's too cute! Why so sooooooooon?!??!?!

Hmpfff. I s'ppose he'll do.

Stezka? HUGGING? What got into her?!?!

Post-birthday-face Dagfinn is actually still as cute as he was as a toddler. He looks more like Flykra than Duanan does.

"Last time I tried that I almost set the kitchen on fire, too!"

I stole Duanan's homework to fulfill that very pressing "homework" need: it was Friday evening, and Dagfinn I didn't want to wait until Monday.

Doing homework makes him happy. That kid even out-nerds *me*!

In case you'd forgotten we had a baby in the house...

And we're about to have one more!

It's a boy, Lion.

"Hold that for a sec', will you?"

And a girl, Grimhild!

Oi, Surprise, stop whining about your daughter. She just allowed you to achieve your lifetime want.

Looks like someone's not to happy about not being the baby of the house anymore!

Well, tough. She'll have to share. Next: the Surprise household again, because looking at the pics I must've played 100 rotations with them. I blame the cuteness.

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