18 March 2015

Strangetwon 01.10: The Smith family

Last time we saw the Smiths, they adopted a cat and a boy. Johnny went off to Uni, and Jill stopped jumping on the bed long enough to turn into a teenager.

I don't think I've mentioned it... but I've given PT#9 a secondary aspiration. Apparently I chose well. At this point I think he could talk to Jenny about glow-in-the-dark cockroaches, and she'd approve.

I needed to get Jenny some new clothes (I like green but there are limits!), so shipped her off and Ocean to the general store.
Ocean promptly got arrested for misbehaviour by her cousin Tycha Curious.
And no, I didn't get him new clothes.

I didn't think a pink dinosaur could blend in with anything, but there you go.

Again my guys left just as things were getting interesting... This is Vidcund Curious and Loki Beaker, arch-enemies extraordinaries, shaking it on the dance floor.

This is the result of our shopping trip :-) The Smiths, most traditional family in Strangetown (with extra green).
I also happen to love the shoes that come with that dress.

Cupcake the cat feels right at home, too.

... My game has a twisted sense of humour. After the pink dinosaur suit, the pawed pajamas. Ocean's not impressed.
Hey, not my fault, dude! Blame the Social Service, they gave you those clothes.

Ocean's filing a complaint about dinosaurs.

"So first you have to grind the cheese into a fine, gooey powder, then..."
... Oh dear. Another one lost to the cause of grilled cheese. And so young, too.

Anyway. Three or four cooking points don't make for great cheese on toast, so PT#9 hauls his green self to the cooking hobby super!sekret club. Where he meets Phil Jitmakusol (aka Phil Surprise in the not-so-distant future - in fact, let's call him that from now on, because I'm not sure how to spell Jimakutsol anyway.)

I so wish this room was bigger. It's impossible to take pictures with the walls up.

In the foreground: a cutie whom I hope I'll see again.
In the background: Phil schmoozing PT#9. Phil, PT#9's an alien, not a witch. You're on the right track with the stars on the hat, though.

Striiiiiking. I love pale eyes / dark skins combos. He's a prof. I need to play Uni pronto.

More Ocean spam, because that kid just owns. :-)

Ocean got an A+! And Look!!!! Raindrop installed RAPTR! YAY FOR XL PICS!!!! Your bandwidth will scream.
Ocean's outerwear is disappointingly normal.

"There's a floating star above my head."
Yes well don't get over yourself.
"I pwn."

This is the headmaster. So that's why I sent the old man to the food club. I also got Jill to practice her charisma. I hope this will pay off, because I'm not sure cheese-on-toast will do the trick.

Yup. He likes grilled cheese.
And Jill is a master-schmoozer.

A satisfied, quiet evening.
Somehow I think Ocean will disrupt the quiet lifestyle before long.
A pic of Jenny. Looking back, I should have chosen this as her heir portrait.

 Talking about portrait... wait a sec, no, that's not Jenny.

I'm trying to get Jenny a promotion, but it's not easy. She's waaaaaay behind.

Random snow shot :-)

And one of my favourite pics. Does that kid rock or what?

Puppy love!
You have of course recognised Buck Grunt.

You may notice that I quite like the Penguin.
This is one of a million pics of the Penguin caught in deep conversation with a snowman.

I invite Johnny over so that he can meet his little brother.
I haven't found the right haircut for Johnny yet, a propos of nothing, but this is all right for now.

Yes, you look good. Now go back to jumping on the bed. Your brother needs to pee.

Btw, I made Jill a family sim (I didn't feel like rolling her aspiration). She rolled the want to graduate 3 kids from college. Just like her mum and her dad. Piece of cake.

After having at first only tweaked the general store (by nuking the swimming pool), I since completely rebuilt it. I quite liked the church-like building in the centre, so I made something a bit similar, if bigger, and turned it into a clothes shop. I also copied the warehouse at the back and shoved the grocery store and a dancing club in it.

The old church is the gathering place for the Sect of Finger Pointing.

That's the dancing club. I've removed the DJ I had in the old community centre because I felt it was a bit of overkill for Strangetown's general store.
Surprise Surprise has become a permanent fixture of the place. We also have Kristen Loste, looking about 40 months pregnant, smustling her bump to the beat of country music.

"Sure. I'll call you brother if you gimme money."

Awwww. That's the last time I'll see this. My awesome pink dinosaur is going to turn into a surly teen :-(
PT#9 is very old. He already hit the green bong once so that I could get a chance to grow Ocean into a teen - I'll send him to Uni fairly soon - so seeing him interact with his oldest son is, at best, bitter-sweet. I'm growing fond of the old man.

One thing I wanted to do for Ocean while he was still a child :-)


Jill and PT#9 didn't pay heed to Santa Claus. They were otherwise busy.

And it's birthday time!

Tycha Curious, who's just as awesome as Ocean, is here.

Bwwwaaaaaaaa I miss my pink dinosaur already!!!!

Ahem. Maybe I don't miss him that much actually. Fathers, lock your daughters away. This kid is bad news.

Again, I didn't roll. I just couldn't see him as anything else than a popularity sim. I'm a bit disappointed by his lifetime want, though. Lazlo Curious already has the same one, and I feel that Ocean could pull the 20 best friends one in his sleep. Oh well.

Ocean and Jill get along a lot better now that they're both teens.

And I couldn't finish this post without a picture of Cupcake :-)

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