14 March 2015

Strangetown 01.08: the fox in the henhouse.

We left the Surprises shortly after Deirdre gave birth to *yet another baby*, Svanhild. She didn't waste time handing the infant to Surprise, as she had to go back to work.

It's almost time for Phil to come back from *his* job.

And who does he stumble upon? But why, Chloe Curious naturally!
I'm afraid.
This is Chloe we're talking about.

Duanan spotted the new baby but not the yellow-haired, green-skinned woman in a pirate outfit. I mean, it's not like she's blending in with the couch or anything.

No-one's even batting an eyelid. The Surprise household is too busy with their fellow family members to notice anyone else in the world.

"I love screws. Screws are awesome. Screw them tighter, that's my motto."
Random old lady disapproves.

Well, Chloe seems to be blending in actually. No one else pays attention to her.

Not even Flykra.

Oh come on, Buzzy!

Surprise and Phil play "gimme the baby".

It doesn't take long for *someone else* to turn up.

Yann Fabulous! Fancy meeting you here.

I expect snogs. Wild make-outs on the sofa. Inappropriate touching. Draaaamaaaa! To my astonishment... nothing untoward happens. Nada. Zilch. Not a sausage.
Just a bit of innocent smustling
LMAO Flykra!!! You **so** rock!
Flykra turned the stereo off.


No, seriously, this was awesome. She just crept on them and turned the radio off. With the smuggiest look I've ever seen on a sim's face. Is she awesome or is she awesome?!

After that things were bound to go south. Not that any of the adults cared.

"That's so sneaky of us. Your wife will never suspect you came here to see *me*."

Things going South.
Darren has finished doing whatever he was doing (big mystery, that), so I get him to teach young Mr Dagfinn to talk. Notice the lack of aspiration points for daddy... I haz a disappoint, Darren.

Inappropriate table conversation is inappropriate.

"I feel unwell. Must be because of my own stench. Or the pork chops."
Ooooof course.

It's 4 o'clock in the morning, Yann. Go home already.

Morning comes, our lovers go, and the Surprise are left with their own company again. Which suits Duanan and Dagfinn just fine.

*Finally*. Longest potty-training ever. It's not that Dagfinn's dim; he just never poops.

Poor Svanhild. At least she's been fed.

Stop it with the cute! I'm awfully tempted to turn aging off.

Uh oh. Despite her best efforts, Flykra didn't manage to finish her homework on time. The bus's here. And her fun bar is tanked.

That's going to be a fun day.

Phil continues to be amazing.

"Look look lookkity! I iz smartz!" "Nggg focus chess... Arghhhh"
(Don't worry, Phil stopped playing to congratulate his not-grandson. <3)

So, Duanan got his A+ report card. Flykra... well Flykra came back from school in one piece. That's all I could ask for really.

And Deirdre? Got her promotion! Awesome Pirate outfit FTW!!!!

Darren rolled the want to talk to a family member. Svanhild's the perfect person for that :-)

Oh come on, seriously, guys. Is that how you celebrate promotions?

Let's finish that post with some smustling. I love me some smustling!!!

Next time: the Singles. Gotta see what Chloe's up to.

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