09 January 2015

Strangetown 01.01: The Surprise family

My Strangetown involves two "CAS" families - the Surprise ("emotional" founder: Surprise Surprise,  DNA founders: Deirdre Surprise and Darren Archer) and the Fabulous (whose founder is actually Marvin - I reverse-engineered his parents).

Let's start with a few pictures of the Surprise.

I'm not good at playing in windowed mode, so some pictures will be at a low resolution. The high-res ones are usually reconstitutions... Sorry about that! That's also why there aren't many pictures of the early stages of this family.

The family, just before kick-off. From left to right: Surprise, grandson Duanan, daughter Deirdre, granddaughter Flykra, and son-in-law Darren.

Surprise makes the best use of the vast bare land the family just acquired by teaching Flykra to walk (while I get busy laying out the foundations...)

Darren is a fantastic father. His lifetime want, perhaps predictably, is to become Education Minister. He's a family sim (yeah I know, I started easy with a family / knowledge combo... sorry, still a beginner at that!).

I didn't grab pics of the first house, but it's very basic - just enough to fit everyone in. One thing I bought, though, was this:
Flykra autonomously joined Duanan. These two get along so well, I'm glad to give them a chance to grow together (in my last iteration, Duanan was old enough to be Flykra's babysitter).

Meanwhile, Darren and Deirdre tried out the bed for the first time... and Deirdre got pregnant.

After sending Surprise to community sims about a thousand times, I grew tired of waiting and helped fate a little bit - I teleported Phil in. They hit it off right away... as usual.

I really have very few snapshots of the first few days. I'll get better at this!

Some portraity-things:
Surprise Surprise
Surprise Surprise, my founder. She wants six grandchildren. Easy peasy.

Phil Jakulowicz
I only just realised Phil actually has brown hair, if his eyebrows / stubble are to be believed. So off to the mirror he went... Lovely guy, even though he's really shy, but yeah, he doesn't make pretty kids. At. All.
I'll grow him into an elder soon-ish. He's a Knowledge sim and wants to become a Mad Scientist.

I made her Surprise's daughter, even though she's not genetically related to her. She's got pointy ears. I'm not sure if I'll keep that in or not! Knowledge sim; she wants to become a Space Pirate.


Flykra and Duanan have very similar personalities, point-wise, but in pictures, Duanan tends to look sweet and a bit dreamy, whereas his sister looks very determined. Both are so adorable that I kind of want them to remain toddlers forever.

That's all for today!

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