12 January 2015

Strangetown 01.02: The Fabulous and The Smiths

Previously, I introduced the Surprise family (Take Three), the main "legacy" family of my Strangetown. They have companions. As I'm kind of trying to reproduce Take Two of my town, I've recreated Marvin Fabulous, an unstoppable Romance sim. At the moment he's all sweet and innocent, as I've shrunk him back into a toddler!

The Fabulous household
The CAS Studio Shot - with Marvin being held by Nina, a fortune sim, and Yann, a knowledge sim. I can't quite remember what their stats are like, but I know they're not very neat!

Yann and Marvin Fabulous
Yann looks like Conchita Wurst.

Nina Fabulous
Nina's gorgeous. And obsessed with $$$Money$$$!! That's too bad because they're poor as dirt.

Marvin being adorable
I really have very few pics of their first few days. Basically they live in a shack, and Nina's pregnant. I wasn't actually planning to give Marvin any brother or sister. Oh well.

Lulz Yann!
They've hired a nanny so that Conchita Yann could go to his fascinating job. It's not even his LTW job - he wants to become an entertainer. I suppose that's close enough for now! At least the nanny is moderately competent. And Marvin likes her.

Meanwhile, in the Smith household...

I'll probably spend less time on the Maxis families than on my own, once I've "settled" them, but allow me to tell me a bit about the Smith... because one of them keeps popping up everywhere!

Johnny Smith had a fantastic party, thanks in great part to Jill who hung out with Tank Grunt to keep the party from... tanking. At some point she took a massive hit in aspiration points - bad conversation or whatever. By massive, I mean that I was seriously concerned the therapist would turn up. Or the social worker.

So as she wanted a cat, I got her a cat!

That's Cupcake. She's great. That's also the new Smiths house - I can't stand the default one, with that garden and those flowers you can't water and all that GREEN in the middle of the desert. I moved the family out as soon as I'd shipped out Johnny Smith to Uni:

Johnny at Uni
I haven't found "his" haircut yet. He'd barely made it into the dorm that he started eyeing the girl behind him (Hello!!! Remember Ophelia???). The feelings aren't mutual, by the way.

That spare bedroom was for the taking, so the Smiths adopted a boy:
Ocean Smith
Meet Ocean. He's very outgoing and super cute. The outfit is so silly he has to keep it! He's a nice kid, but he ignores Jill, and vice versa. That might be because while Jill does this:

Jill Smith's favourite activity
Ocean does that:

Ocean Smith and Tycha Curious's favourite activity
He's fast becoming friends with Tycha Curious, whom you haven't met yet. She's Pascal Curious's daughter, and I love her to bits.

Everyone and their neighbour brings Ocean back home from school, so I hope you don't mind pink dinosaurs, because you'll see a lot of him.

Her fun bar was full, btw.
I rarely go for the pink vs blue themes for kids, but I thought it'd make sense for the Smiths.

Anyway, I can't blame Jill too much for occasionally jumping on the bed all the bleeping time. With all the excitement of welcoming Ocean into the household, I kind of forgot it was her birthday.

Oh hi Jill, is that you?
She turned into a cutie, with a cute outfit.

Finally, the Smith family wouldn't be complete without a pic of Pollination Technician #9. He won't be around much longer, I'm afraid...

I don't have a pic of Jenny yet because I haven't quite sorted out her outfit / haircut. I'm working on it. She's cute and nice, and she definitely deserves a makeover! I've put her on birth control so even though PT#9 and she keep going at it... no surprise babies for them.

I'm a bit weirded out by PT#9's family ties. He fathered Chloe and Lola, who happen to be Jenny's half-sisters... and he married Jenny. Yewww. Chloe and Lola are Johnny and Jill's aunts... and also their half-sisters. Yuk yuk yuk.

(Who am I to talk, anyway, what with Marvin banging both Flykra and Duanan Surprise, in my previous Strangetown?)

Ah-hem. Next, I'll probably talk about the Curious (<3 Tychaaaaaa!), the Singles (Chloe's dangerously awesome) and maybe the Beakers, just for a minute (because of the Curious, actually).

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