22 November 2012

Unhinged: To be blue or not to be blue

Still blogging about my favourite event on the grid... The designers there must have conspired to create clothes / outfits that work well together.

Case in point, Bilo's eyes and Pin Me Down's Skully Lashes make-up complements the Monster skins really nicely. I'm not wearing the actual lashes, but that's only because my laptop doesn't render very small items properly -- I wouldn't do them justice.

If you want to see them in all their glory, go and check that post by Sonya Marmurek!

I love the texture on the Morticia velvet dress. All the colours are gorgeous and well-detailed, even the black one (a colour that is hard to get right).

And as for the Skull? It's simply amazing. These skulls are (very existential) pose props. Show that skull around. Lean against it. Look into its oh-so-thoughtless orbs. Oh yay for DRAMA!!! These should get some good use!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Monster Silver 3C* at Unhinged
Hair:  [e] Over - White 05
Eyes:  Bilo - Najwa Eyes (Mist Blue)* at Unhinged
Makeup:  Pin Me Down: The Skully Lashes #7 at Unhinged
Nails: Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails - Color Change
Dress:  PE Morticia Blue* at Unhinged
Pose: Monster Skull* at Unhinged

Sim: Wizardhat Studios

* Review items

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