15 November 2012

Unhinged: Death's-Head Hawk Moth Collection

As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm taking part to Unhinged: A festival for Eku's Head. I toyed around with a few ideas around the theme of the skull, and I finally settled on an insect that I've always liked: the Death's-Head Hawk Moth.

In the end I've come up with 6 variations, from natural to futuristic, with a nod to the Victorian era as well.

These moths are decorative only (i.e. they're static: they don't fly around like, say, flutters). I've also included two free frames that you can get by touching the poster in-world, but you can of course put them in your garden to add extra life to your plants.

They're mesh, with a land impact of 4 each -- lots of work went into this model. They're quite detailed, and degrade beautifully from a distance.

Oh also, did I mention it's a gatcha? There's one rare, the Arborealis one (shown on the main poster) - the wings of which make use of a picture I took of some surprisingly pink leaves (yes, this amazing colour is real).

But enough talk: where to get them?
- At the festival, of course!
- And also at our store

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