16 November 2012

Unhinged: Skulprit avatars

I went in-world a bit today just to unpack a few boxes bought at the Unhinged festival... and ended up playing with that little dude for a good half hour!

It's, quite obviously, a mesh avatar. Cute and quirky. There's three little dudes and one little dudette to chose from.

You can also get two Gacha vehicles for your Skulprit: a hot air balloon, and a hover car. I haven't bought the balloon yet. I will, because if it's just as awesome as the car, then well, I want one!

The reflections on the goggles and on the headlights are splendid. And look at the back of that car: I love the shading!

It's on the Unhinged sim!
Full credits and link to the neat sim where I took the photos to come -- I'm knackered!

ETA: Here we go:

Sim: Spaceport
Avatar: Skulprit Avatar Red by Culprit, at Unhinged
Wearable car: Skulprit Hovercar RedRacer by Culprit, at Unhinged

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