19 November 2012

Pink and Green and Orange, oh my!

I've always been a bit shy with wearing colours. Time to change that. I can paint myself with whatever colour takes my fancy, so why limit myself to grey?

Front shot:

The back: (This is my favourite picture of that series. How weird is that? I like a pic of my back!!!)

Full body - including the boots. I love these boots. I hope you like them too, because I guess it's not the last time you'll see me wearing these!

Close-up of the makeup and eyes:

top: Geometry Eku Tank - Pink at Unhinged
boots: Lassitude & Ennui - Sugarskull Boots  at Unhinged
jeans: my own, not available anymore (sowwwy!) - but any green, or teal leggings should do! Or maybe leather? Hmm yes that could work. Try Lapointe & Batschild.

skin: Illusory Skin - Love Caramel - Organic (got it a while ago at Collabor88)
tattoos: Nomine Cleavage enhancer, Nomine tintable hairbase
makeup: Beautiful Freak Obake Makeup - Copper at Unhinged
eyes: Bilo - Najwa Eyes (Light Green) at Unhinged
hair: [elikatira] Over - Black 04

poses: Stroll series by aDORKable
sim: Tableau

Caveat emptor: the Unhinged bits are blogger copies. I love so many things from there, I could blog it all, really.

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