04 April 2014

Pottery WIP

Quite pleased with this one... I'll now need to work on a damaged version of it.

Little things that probably no one will see: I've tweaked the diffuse map, gloss map, and so on so to get rid of the seams by using the clone brush and smear brush directly in Blender. Took me a while to find that trick. That's different from my usual workflow, which was a painstaking process of endlessly switching between 2D and 3D apps.

By the way, I ran into an annoying issue with Blogger. It took me two days to submit this post because of this horror:


Google+ introduced the Auto-Enhance feature a few months back - feature I promptly turned off with my Google+ account, the one that's linked to my real identity.

Unfortunately it's switched on by default on Picasa Web Albums accounts as well... and if you don't have a Google+ account, there's no way to turn it off. Hence this lovely, "enhanced" creation. I had to create a Google+ account for Raindrop Drinkwater just to set my preferences! Stupid. I deleted it immediately, but seriously, how backwards is that???? Get your stuff together, Google.

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