27 April 2014

Mycenaean Ox Figurine

The function of the lovely Mycenaean figurines this ox is inspired by is unknown: they may have been children's toys, votive figurines, or grave offerings...

The real-life versions are tiny. We've made them bigger for SL - so big in fact, that in the case of this ox, we've turned it into a make-shift seat! The "Ox chair" comes with a female pose, a unisex one, and a "petite" pose. Try them in-world at our main store!
There's also a small version that will look good on a shelf, to decorate your home.

The pattern, although heavily inspired by talented Mycenaean artists, is hand-drawn. The materials use custom specular and normal maps.
Featuring original mesh and textures, your Ox Figurine also benefits from fine-tuned Level of Details and Physic shapes. What it means to you is that it'll look good up close and personal and from afar too, while still keeping a reasonable land impact.

Mod,Copy,No trans.
The version with seats will show as No Mod in your inventory, but you will be able to modify it when rezzed.

- Includes three versions: one small, one large, and a bonus large one with sits (AVSitter system)
- Land Impact 2
- Mesh + advanced materials

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We hope you'll enjoy this Timetwist product!

Raindrop Drinkwater & Abyssin Otoro

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