02 June 2016

Mycenaean Idols: Psi and Phi

The function of the lovely Mycenaean figurines these idols are inspired by is unknown: they may have been children's toys, votive figurines, or grave offerings...

The real-life versions are tiny. We've included two preset sizes for SL: one average, and one small-ish. You can shrink them further, but you may need a magnifying glass to find them again.

So, who's Phi? Phi's the the round one.

And Psi? She's the one with the arms. You get two of them. The first one's nicely symmetrical. As for the second one, well, I'm afraid I sneezed at a crucial moment and she went all skewy. (Some of the real Mycenaean figurines have a tilt to them, and I thought it was interesting to replicate the effect.)

The pattern, although heavily inspired by talented Mycenaean artists, is hand-drawn. The materials use custom specular and normal maps.

Featuring original mesh and textures, your Psi and Phi Idols also benefit from fine-tuned Level of Details. What it means to you is that it'll look good up close and personal and from afar too, while still keeping a reasonable land impact.

- Includes three figurines: Phi, Psi (straight) and Psi (skewy) in two preset sizes
- Land Impact 2
- Mesh + advanced materials

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