21 October 2012

Knottic Birdbath

Knottic is a celtic-style birdbath that features celtic knots lovingly engraved on its sides, water, a little fountain, a soft shadow for the ground, and two couple poses for Petites.

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It's hard to believe that it still only has a Land Impact of 3! And thanks to the fine-tuned Level of Details and Physic shapes, it will still look good from a distance.

- Original mesh and textures;
- Two models are included: one with, and one without poses;
- Land Impact 3 (at the default size);
- Particle fountain with sound;
- 2 adjustable couple poses for Petites by Zambooki Animations, and powered by AV Sitter

- Permissions: prims are copy and modify; scripts are copy only

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