17 May 2016

Victorian Shop Counter

Incredibly happy with that one, mainly because of the way I modelled the counter: I mostly used non-destructive modelling, by using array and curve modifiers instead of polygon modelling. It's very satisfying to see how a couple of functions turn a plane into something magical!

I didn't plan ahead enough to make it easy / practical to create more shapes with that particular counter, but now that I know how to do that, I might be able to re-use that method more efficiently next time. In the meantime... item description!

This elegant shop counter is sturdy enough to carry anything you'll throw at it - that's right, even your heaviest paperweight!
Touch to choose between Mahogany, Oak and Walnut finishes. All the trees used to make this counter come from renewable, free-pixel forests!
Finally, the Victorian Shop Counter uses advanced lighting materials, but the diffuse is baked in such a way that it looks good with basic shaders as well.
Perms: copy/mod, though will show as no-mod in your inventory because of the texture-changer script.

- Original mesh + advanced materials 
- Land Impact: 2 
- Three textures: Mahogany, Oak and Walnut

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